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Everyone always seems to want to find the perfect, natural deodorant. I’m a product-testing queen (Seriously, Hubs regularly sighs and says, “Oh, you and your products.”) and I have been that way since high school, so I’ll tell you my experiences.

I’ll preface all of this by saying that I’m no prim-and-proper lady. I sweat. And I sweat easily, as in, someone teases me and I get a little embarrassed and I start the underarm water works factory. Being that I work with teenagers, this teasing tends to happen often. When I sweat, I’m stinky. And then I’m even more embarrassed. And so it goes… Don’t let me recount the intense Pilates session I attended in a tiny studio with six students on the day I wore a new, natural deodorant. Let’s just say I considered dropping out of the class after my triangle pose became a beacon for pit stank.

Bottom line: the following natural deodorants WORK.

First, it seems that most people like to start with an accessible brand, like Tom’s of Maine. I enjoy and use Tom’s products, but some are not as “natural” as I’d like. Still, they are easy to find and come in lots of delicious-smelling scents. As for deodorants, try Tom’s without propylene glycol (I’ve only found it in “Beautiful Earth” scent). DH was using the regular kind of Tom’s deodorant and getting red pits. I borrowed his deo one day and had the same result, so I conjectured that it’s the propylene junk. The prop-free version keeps me stink-free most of the day without reapplication and doesn’t leave any itchy, red underarms!

Waleda spray deo works rather well. It’s alcohol based, though, so it doesn’t feel great on freshly-shaved underarms. Sprays are apparently the most effective because the alcohol kills bacteria, but the application takes some getting used to. You should, ideally, wait until the deodorant dries before getting dressed. I never had time to wait for the deo to dry so I ended up leaving that product to sit on my vanity despite liking the results. Very cooling in the summer, though, and it can double as a body spray.

My new favorite is Alvera. I’ve used it exclusively for many months with much success. You can’t beat the price, though I’ve noticed the price going up every time I order. The product kept me but stink-free on a 15-block walk, toting a huge diaper bag, through steamy Philly last summer. I was a little moist under the arms, but, hey, it was summertime and that’s to be expected. On regular outings, it keeps me dry and lasts through a regular day. Alvera is a keeper! I love the Aloe & Almond scent and I feel like it works better than the Aloe scent.

Finally, Hugo Naturals deodorant is worth mentioning, too. Keeps me dry and comes in a stick form. It’s not as effective long-term, though—needs reapplication.

Disclosure: some of my links are referral links, meaning I might get a percentage of your purchase (at no cost to you, of course). You don’t have to use my links but I’m more than appreciative if you do :)

What deodorant works for you? Have you ever made your own?


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4 Responses to Best Natural Deodorants

  1. HealthfulMama August 7, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    With the summer heat this year, I’ve reverted back to my old ways and I am using aluminum-based deodorant :( However, I will note that while it may last a bit longer, the conventional deodorant doesn’t do much more to stop me from sweating through my shirt! I also have to scrub my skin to get it off. Gross.

  2. nsees August 9, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    So glad you turned me on to Alvera…and vitacost!!! Love them both :) I have to admit that on the 100 degree days I’ve been putting on an old tube of Mitchum deo but otherwise I’m loving Alvera!

    • HealthfulMama August 9, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

      So glad it works for you!

  3. Mar August 1, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    I guess I’m screwed. I’m a clean, pretty, healthy person who sweats a lot too. I also have chemical sensitivities and thus have had to stop wearing non-natural deodorants. I mean I simply cannot wear them – the ingredients make me ill. But trust me if I could, as much as I eschew unhealthy chemicals, I would use these products. Why? Because not ONE natural deodorant works for me, and I’ve tried most of them. Truth be told no one has ever told me I stink, however I can smell myself and it’s embarrassing. I’m tired of feeling un-fresh mere minutes into my day (I walk instead of drive). I was really excited when I first used Herban Cowboy, which is very good stuff with terrific scents. Miraculously it seemed to worked too! But unfortunately after a few months it was back to the same old dilemma. What product will finally work on me.

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