BabyKicks: a #FluffyXmas Spotlight

I am so pleased to announce the final sponsor in the Merry Fluffy Christmas spotlight lineup: BabyKicks!

BabyKicks is a family owned and operated business that produces 90% of their products in the USA–on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. What sets BabyKicks apart from many modern cloth diaper companies is their commitment to quality, natural and organic fibers. BabyKicks uses hemp and cotton, two very absorbent and breathable materials, to comprise their products. From hemp/cotton fleece prefolds, to organic fitted diapers, to one-size pocket diapers (and more!), BabyKicks has your baby’s bum covered!

BabyKicks is generously offering one reader a 3g Pocket Diaper as part of Healthful Mama’s Merry Fluffy Christmas package. These amazing diapers feature gorgeous, bright colors (my favorite is Poppy), a trim profile, a silky, bamboo lining, and a money-saving one-size design.

Actions speak louder than words, so I’ll let Gina from the BabyKicks Team show you the newly-designed insert and fabulous features of the 3g Pocket Diaper:

Some of my favorite features of the 3g are the fleece gussets (no more red marks on baby’s legs!) and the newborn setting! This diaper will really take you from birth to potty training. Speaking of potty-training, my son isn’t quite there yet, but I am in love with side-snapping diapers, like the 3g Pocket, because they can be adjusted to slip on and off just like those slip-on disposable diapers. This is ideal for squirmy toddlers! My new trick is to allow my son to remain standing, splashing in the sink or busying himself at the coffee table, while I unsnap his diaper, do a quick wipe, and slip on a (pre-snapped) side-snapping diaper. He feels like he is helping with “getting dressed” and I’m happy to avoid a fight!

The 3g Pocket Diaper sells for $20.50 and is available in five fun colors.

Would you love a BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper in any of their gorgeous colors? Come back on December 1st for your chance to win one in the Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!


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4 Responses to BabyKicks: a #FluffyXmas Spotlight

  1. April G November 29, 2011 at 2:00 am #

    Yay! I am getting so excited for this event! I love side-snapping diapers and this looks like a really nice brand. :)

  2. Linda Hawes December 2, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    soooo excited about the giveaway!!! :)

  3. Jayne December 4, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Love the bright colors!


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