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In a study that reiterates the findings I mentioned in my post, Epigenetics: The Funky Word You Need to Understand, a researcher in Spain finds that the common chemical BPA (found in most plastics) can cause a confusion of hormone signals and lead to increases in insulin. Consequently, exposure to BPA can cause weight gain and Type II diabetes. Dr. Angel Nadal’s team found that “a quarter of a billionth of a gram of BPA was enough to start this reaction.” Read more: Daily Mail

The U.S. and E.U. agree to accept each other’s standards of “organic” without re-certification, fees, or paperwork. I can only assume this might be better for the U.S. than the E.U. Read More: The Washington Post.

The World Health Organization provides 10 Facts About Nutrition in infant, child, and maternal health. Something I never thought about: maintaining proper nutrition in adolescent girls ensures reproductive health in their later years. Good health starts FROM THE BEGINNING! See More: World Health Organization.

Great Resource: You might have already caught my link to this on my Facebook page, but here is an wonderful, downloadable, printable guide to cooking oils. Get It Now: Eating Rules.

Eating seasonally and locally is always a healthful choice. Brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage, greens, leeks, squash, and sweet potatoes are in season right now! Read More: Simple Bites.

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