Life is a Slice of Watermelon…

“Mom, get seed out…” pleaded my two-year old, intent on slurping up the decadent juiciness of his watermelon slice. I carefully extracted each black teardrop until nothing but luscious, red fruit gleamed from the triangle in his hand. He greedily took another bite, revealing yet another seed that had been hiding within the layers of sugary watermelon. It seemed that each bite did not come without a reminder. Life is a slice of watermelon: never without seeds, but sweet ’til the bitter end. I’m a perfectionist, but the universe always reminds me that things will never be graciously sweet every second. Thankfully, my favorite part of the melon slice is the end: where the pink goodness meets the bitter rind. Balance.

Is there a mantra you follow that keeps your mind in check during times of struggle?

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