Healthier Candy Options

I’m so happy that sweet treat options are ever-expanding. To be sure, no candy is really HEALTHY, but if you’re going to have a treat, have one without a bunch of junky ingredients. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on each picture to buy online!)

You can also check out a post on my all-time favorite candies (which includes more vintage photos!) HERE.

Happy Halloween! My little brother and me, circa 1986, ready to hunt down some high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil.

Annie’s Fruit Snacks
Gummy candies are my absolute favs. These sweet bunnies from Annie’s are organic and vegan.

Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution Bars
When I have a chocolate craving, I like to pick up a Raw Revolution bar, made of dates, nuts, and chocolate. No hidden ingredients here–just whole-food deliciousness.

UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups
Just like your childhood favorite in the orange wrapper, but free of hydrogenated oils and funky additives.

(Read my take on UNREAL candy bars HERE.)

Yummy Earth Hot Chili Pops
A lollipop for grown-ups (or kiddos who enjoy some spice!). I found these a few years ago and like to have them when I need a little sweet-n-spicy pick-me-up!

What are some of your favorite (healthier) sweet treats?
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  1. Lilly a.k.a. Gentle Simplicity November 16, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    Yummy Earth is really yummy. I recently discovered a European brand called Katjes. Not organic, but all natural. The taste is unforgettable and a special treat for my daughter (a me too). 🙂

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