I’m Part of the Green Sisterhood! Three Reasons Why *YOU* Should Care


So, Healthful Mama (and me, Gretchen) is now a part of the Green Sisterhood Network. What does this mean? Why should YOU care? Lemme break it down for ya:


1. Green Sisterhood is about Being Green

which means that this site is now joined with others which have the same mission: to improve our earth, to improve our health, and to make some CHANGE. The mission of Green Sisterhood is “to make safe, healthy and sustainable living easier, to help you be selective in choosing products that will keep your family healthy, and to work together to be positive and support each other to make a global impact.” It means you can trust the Green Sisterhood to provide you with the knowledge and support needed for the choices you make and the life you choose to lead.
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2. Green Sisterhood is about Making Green

That’s right. Money. Look, I blog mainly as a way to educate, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope to pay the bills, too. This becomes difficult, though, when the majority of opportunities that come my way are just not things with which I agree. I’m sure you can think of a blog or two (or three, or seventy) that promote every product under the sun–in every post. That’s cool for them, and I’m sure they’re making bank, but that just ain’t my bag, baby. Green Sisterhood supports bloggers who want to make green while still supporting an eco-friendly, healthy agenda. In short, this means no more Clorox ads on this site, okay?

And if you’re a blogger, or interested in blogging, know that Green Sisterhood provides unique opportunities to learn more about growing your business and your brand. Free webinars (with successful mamas like Amy Lynn Andrews and Lara Galloway, for example) are happening frequently, but ya gotta be on Google Plus to join in.

3. Green Sisterhood is about community, strength in numbers, and, you guessed it, sisterhood.

In my mind, the Green Sisterhood is basically this:

 In the words of Miss Jackson, “It’s time to give a damn/Let’s work together, come on now/People of the world today/Are we looking for a better way of life?/We are a part of the rhythm nation.”

Green Sisterhood is a group of bad-ass mama-jamas, led by our fantastic founders, Anna Hackman & Karen Lee. This is not just about a bunch of blogs, erroneously thrown together with some vague purpose. This is about creating a quality network of talented chicas in order to reach as many people as possible about CHANGING THE STATUS QUO. Along the way, we hope to empower women, bring you fresh news on the green front, and humor you once in awhile.

I hope you’ll join the Sisterhood. I mean, c’mon. The Rhythm Nation choreography just won’t look right without ya. ;)

Other ways to get involved with Green Sisterhood:

  • Go to GreenSisterhood.com and sign up for the newsletter (It’s a good one–I promise. I became a subscriber long before I joined GS and I look forward to every email. Great stuff–seriously.)
  • Follow us on Twitter and join our Twitter parties.
  • Comment on the Green Sisterhood blog and share your concerns
  • Read the articles listed at the bottom of this post from other members of the Sisterhood; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a green community of which you are a part or do you often feel like the sole greenie in your area?


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4 Responses to I’m Part of the Green Sisterhood! Three Reasons Why *YOU* Should Care

  1. Anna@Green Talk March 17, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Bad ass indeed! I love Ms Jackson by the way so it must be fate that you are part of our group! We are so glad to have you (and your humor.)

    • HealthfulMama March 17, 2013 at 11:27 am #

      Much love, Anna!

  2. Sarah March 17, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Super excited you’re part of the GSH! Your POV is exactly what this whole thing is about.

  3. Betsy (Eco-novice) April 10, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    I once knew most of that choregraphy (from watching the video several hundred times). Oh, Janet, how far you’ve fallen.

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