Top Picks for Natural, Safe Sunscreens


Why use a natural sunscreen? Most natural sunscreens use UV blockers/reflectors, meaning that the product sits ON TOP of your skin, versus needing to soak into it. Think of the white-nosed lifeguards at the beach. They’re using zinc oxide—a physical barrier against long-term sun exposure. Natural sunscreens work the same way, but have been formulated to avoid coating you in white paste. In contrast, most traditional sunscreens use chemical agents to absorb UV rays (usually ingredients ending in “-one,” like avobenzone), but these ingredients can act as hormone disruptors. Get the facts about toxic sunscreens.

The natural sunscreens listed below are my personal favorites, and in my opinion, the best natural, safe sunscreens on the market. All have proven to be easily blendable and are effective over a long period of time. I was not provided with products from any of these companies for the purpose of this post. The opinions are purely my own (as they always are!).


My old stand-by:Episencial

(~$12/2.7 oz.) Best for: Everyone! It’s creamy, blends well, stays on all day, and isn’t greasy. Drawbacks: None that I can see! Some may say it could be “more natural,” but earning a “2″ for toxicity by EWG, I’m okay using this on my whole family.


My new favorite: Eco Logical Skincare

($15-$20/3.5 oz.) I bought the “face” version to use daily on my hands. It’s not greasy yet moisturized well. Best for: Hands, faces, small areas. Keep it in your purse. Drawbacks: I found the blendability to be a bit uneven, and it might be hard to rub it into a squirmy child’s skin.


Au-Naturale: Miessence

(~$30/3.5 oz.)
Known for its organic and very clean ingredient lists, Miessence is a trusted leader in natural skincare. You can read my full review of the Miessence Outdoor Balm for more info. Best for: those with dry skin. Drawbacks: Pricey, but a little goes a long way.


Sporty: All Terrain Aquasport

(~$10/3 oz) I love that this sunscreen goes on feeling dry and does a great job of protecting the skin. Best for: Watersports; someone who wants “grown-up” packaging. Drawbacks: as with any tube container, it can become a little messy if too much was squeezed.


Brands I Hear Great Things About:

I hope to try some of these soon!
ThinkSport/ThinkBaby ($15.99/4 oz.) “Great company!” “I love ThinkSport!”
Badger (~$15/2.9 oz.) I have tried Badger sunscreen, but it didn’t seem to work for my family. However, I have heard from so many others about how much they like it, that I thought it was worth including. Maybe I just had an off batch?
Honest Company ($13.95/3 oz.) I love all the Honest Company products, and like that this sunscreen is waterproof.

Can’t Stop the Spray?

Try All Terrain’s KidSport Spray ($10/3 oz). Sources tell me it works great. Just don’t spray it in anyone’s face, please.

One more option: if you’re into saving a buck and don’t mind a little DIY, you can easily (really, it’s so simple!) make your own sunscreen.

What’s your favorite sunny-day activity?

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  1. Cristina June 4, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    Devita naturals has an amazing sunscreen. Have you tried or heard of it?

    • HealthfulMama June 5, 2013 at 4:55 am #

      No, I haven’t! Can you link me to a list of ingredients?

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