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My Mom’s Apple Cake

I need to be truthful from the start on this one: 1. This cake is a CAKE. It’s not going to be a Paleo-Gluten-free-Vegan-Fad-Diet-Version of anything. You want the healthiest apple dessert? I gotcha covered: dip apple slices in peanut butter. Want a fantastic cake that is fine in moderation and comes out perfectly every […]

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“Instant Breakfast” Alternatives

I am not a breakfast eater. There. I said it. Perhaps it’s more that I’m “not a morning person.” I generally spend my mornings sipping tea, water, and the occasional smoothie. I’m not ready to eat until around 10 am. As a teen, I had the same issue: waking at early hours for school was […]

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Easy Lunch Idea: Pepperoni Pizza Muffins

Easy School Lunch Idea: Pepperoni Pizza Muffins

  Another school year begins again, and parents find themselves faced with two options for feeding their children: pack a lunch each day or purchase a lunch plan from the school cafeteria. Packing lunches is, admittedly, a pain. I know this firsthand. As a teacher, my lunch “hour” consisted of 30 minutes, five of which […]

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Stovetop Pizza

The family was craving pizza one night but we didn’t want to spend money on delivery and it was too hot to heat the oven. I thought, “Huh. I wonder if I could cook pizza in a skillet?” As it turns out, yes, yes I could. Pizza on the stove is my new favorite way […]

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Cucumber Melon Mint Smoothie

Nothing says “summer” and “refreshing” quite like the combo of melons and mint. This smoothie combines summer produce favorites cantaloupe, watermelon, fresh mint, and cucumber for a drink that goes down easy and wakes you up on hot summer mornings. Feel free to try various mint varieties or to exclude one of the melon types. […]

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