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“Instant Breakfast” Alternatives

I am not a breakfast eater. There. I said it. Perhaps it’s more that I’m “not a morning person.” I generally spend my mornings sipping tea, water, and the occasional smoothie. I’m not ready to eat until around 10 am. As a teen, I had the same issue: waking at early hours for school was […]

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How Not to Make Homemade Yogurt

There are about a gazillion posts out there on the interwebz about how to make homemade yogurt. This is one of them. I consulted various websites, blogs, and friends before attempting my yogurt batch. They all said the same thing: “making yogurt at home is easy!” Score. That sounds right up my alley. So, I […]

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Purple Berry Pie Smoothie

If you love the taste of summer berries encased in buttery crust, this smoothie may be for you. While there isn’t any butter or sugar involved, this sweet treat makes a great breakfast smoothie or a snack–and it tastes like your favorite pie. Yum! Many people claim you need an expensive, high-speed blender for successful […]

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Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables (It’s Simple.)

    Okay, anything involving children is rarely simple, but I happened upon this little tactic that worked for us to get our suddenly-picky eater to imbibe some vegetables. It was simple for us. Maybe it will work for you. Step One: Talk about making an Awesome Crocodile Smoothie It doesn’t have to be a […]

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Tropical Suntan Smoothie

Consuming colorful vegetables isn’t just good for your insides; it’s a surefire way to improve the look, and, yes, color of your skin. Brightly colored veggies, like carrots, contain carotene, which allows the skin to reflect a different tone. Carotene also carries the benefit of absorbing UV rays, so the smoothie recipe below will do […]

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Seriously Perfect Pancakes

I acknowledge that these pancakes aren’t particularly “healthy” by my standards (in that they’re made of wheat flour and have a bit of sugar in them), but they’re homemade and easy to accomplish on a weekend morning when you want a treat for breakfast (or lunch or dinner 🙂 ). Feel free to substitute the […]

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Weekend Breakfast: Blue Cornmeal Pancakes

I make these blue cornmeal pancakes quite often, as they are easy and filling. They make the perfect cozy-weekend breakfast or, as I served them this time, as breakfast-for-dinner, with a side of organic bacon. Ingredients: 3/4 cup blue cornmeal like Bob’s Red Mill 1 teaspoon salt 1 Tablespoon (scant) agave nectar 1 cup boiling […]

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