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Life is a Slice of Watermelon…

“Mom, get seed out…” pleaded my two-year old, intent on slurping up the decadent juiciness of his watermelon slice. I carefully extracted each black teardrop until nothing but luscious, red fruit gleamed from the triangle in his hand. He greedily took another bite, revealing yet another seed that had been hiding within the layers of […]

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Ditch Your TV and Love Your Life

My son knows five kid-show characters: Elmo, Thomas, Fireman Sam, KoKo, and Diego. I always have to explain to people why he has no response to, “Look, Bear, it’s Jasper the NeverEnding Story Pirate-Vampire!” He’s just not exposed to it because we got rid of our cable and he watches very few shows. Look, people, […]

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