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WTF Friday: Gillian vs. Nigella?

This week’s WTF Friday Moment brought to you by: Internet Rhetoric. The following photo comparison of Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson has been circulating the internet and, more recently, Facebook, as a supposed reason why a diet comprised of “meat, butter, and desserts,” is better for one’s health. People have been re-posting this little over […]

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WTF? Friday: Can’t Stop the Stink

This week’s WTF? Friday Moment brought to you by: Downy Unstopables As I walked through the grocery store this week, a curious product caught my eye: these Downy scent beads that go into your wash to increase the length of time your laundry maintains a scent. A few things crossed my mind: 1)As a former […]

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WTF? Friday: Beautiful Bums?

This Week’s WTF?Friday Brought to You By: Renova Colored Toilet Paper Can this be real? I racked my brain trying to think of an appropriate use for colored toilet paper of this variety. Until the past decade, I suppose, colored toilet paper was common on store shelves. I specifically remember having light blue toilet paper […]

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WTF? Friday: Junk as Big as My Trunk

Today’s WTF?Friday Moment Brought to You by: Junk Mailer I received this piece of junk mail from a local car dealership yesterday. I was just about to toss it right into the recycling bin, I stopped and thought, “WTF?! What a waste of paper and plastic!” What’s the most ridiculous piece of mail you’ve ever […]

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