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Healthy Holiday Eating

Even the healthiest eaters can run into temptations, abundance, and sugar overload during the holiday season. It’s almost unavoidable; there’s always that neighborhood party you have to attend, or that tray of goodies in the staff lounge, or the giant box of chocolates gifted to you by your mother-in-law. I’ve never been one to say, […]

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Confessions of a Former Food Snob: I Owe Some Apologies

My closest friends and family will tell you I’m a horrible sympathizer; I can’t put myself in someone’s place unless I’ve been there myself. For instance, I couldn’t gently smile at parents of unruly toddlers until I HAD ONE. I had trouble understanding why anyone would willingly be a stay-at-home parent until I ENDED UP […]

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Healthful Mama’s Pinteresting Boards

Hey There, Pinner! If you’ve found this page, it is because someone pinned my pin-board cover. I wanted a useful cover image to illustrate a few of my boards, so I created specific graphics for them. If you’re interested in all of my natural health, whole-food recipe, and green living boards, check out my Pinterest […]

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Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables (It’s Simple.)

    Okay, anything involving children is rarely simple, but I happened upon this little tactic that worked for us to get our suddenly-picky eater to imbibe some vegetables. It was simple for us. Maybe it will work for you. Step One: Talk about making an Awesome Crocodile Smoothie It doesn’t have to be a […]

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DAMY Health Program

DAMY Method Programs: Real Food Meal Plans & Fitness Routines–Done!

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one evening, I came across a photo of a marvelously decadent-looking dessert. Following the link, I was taken to the DAMY Health website, chock-full of delicious recipes for sweets, treats, and meals, too! I was intrigued, so I read on. I realized that the DAMY Health Program was right […]

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Raw Food Detox

Raw Food Detox is an easy, effective guide to changing your eating style and getting you to a place of better health. The book is full of tempting recipes and simple tips for transitioning to a healthier diet. Gorgeous photos up the impressive factor in this new book from Ulrika Davidsson.   My first reaction […]

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Sugar Is Toxic: Avoiding Sugar & Changing Your Diet (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 in Healthful Mama’s Sugar is Toxic Series! Just finding the series? First read Part 1 and Part 2. Resetting Your Body Because sugar causes addiction-like cravings, and because your body craves more and more of it to get a “fix,” the best way to eliminate sugar is to ELIMINATE SUGAR. Most […]

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