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what to do with nutritional yeast, what to do with liquid aminos

Easy Ways to Get Vitamins and Protein

Two condiments (well, what I consider condiments) that I’ve kept around since my vegan days are Nutritional Yeast and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Both provide protein and vitamins, both add delicious flavor to food, and they taste great together or alone. The Breakdown: Nutritional Yeast I get it. Something called “yeast” doesn’t bring to mind delectable […]

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Step One, continued

In Step One, I talked about changing some buying habits. When The Hubs (then boyfriend) and I went vegan, we quit animal products cold, ahem, turkey. We threw out butter, cheese, milk, etc., substituted faux meats and cheeses for the real stuff, and ended up really hungry and at a loss for what to do […]

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