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Rebuild Carles: Can You Help This Family?

In early November 2013, the devastating storm, named Typhoon Haiyan, utterly destroyed much of the Philippines and, to date, has accounted for over 5500 deaths. When photos and statistics of the storm’s wrath appeared on television, my thoughts were, “Oh god. That is a huge amount of destruction. And with the number of Filipinos in […]

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The Holiday Myth: Coping With Holiday Stress

Affiliate links appear in this post. Oh, the holidays. For some, family gatherings, holiday parties, gift buying, and memories of holidays past create a sense of excitement and enjoyment. For others, this time of year presents a mixture of unsettling emotions, depression, and dread. “I just wish my husband wouldn’t accept EVERY invitation to his […]

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Confessions of a Former Food Snob: I Owe Some Apologies

My closest friends and family will tell you I’m a horrible sympathizer; I can’t put myself in someone’s place unless I’ve been there myself. For instance, I couldn’t gently smile at parents of unruly toddlers until I HAD ONE. I had trouble understanding why anyone would willingly be a stay-at-home parent until I ENDED UP […]

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Dear America: You are not this dumb. Tell Lysol you ain’t buyin’ it.

Health (‘helth)(n.) the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit Example: “She was in good health.” Healthing (‘helth-ing)(v.) a gerund-nonsense form of the noun “health,” created by the Lysol marketing team. Example: “It’s not cleaning, it’s healthing.” Lysol wants to convince you, once again, like every other chemical or single-use-product manufacturer, that your […]

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Are You Being Duped By That “Natural” Beauty Brand? Part 1

The attractively-designed brown shampoo bottle rested at the edge of my bathtub, a more chic, yet complementary component to the usual shower suspects in my bathroom: homemade soap in a bamboo dish, homemade toothpaste in a glass jar, and my favorite shampoo in a less-than-flashy container. I picked up the brown bottle, which belonged to […]

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