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I highly recommend that everyone attempt a dairy-free diet at some point. You will notice a difference in your mood, overall health, and appearance. I will admit that I am only an expert on my own experience with this and I have done no formal research on the subject. (Good luck finding formal research. The dairy industry keeps any negative reports on their product from reaching the media.) But I have had nothing but good results from limiting dairy. Since I stopped eating dairy altogether:

-I no longer get sinus infections, which were something I thought I was prone to getting.
-I rarely get headaches.
-My skin cleared up and I no longer get pimples.
-The seasonal, flaky patches on my scalp disappeared.
-My digestion improved.
-For the Ladies: I no longer get yeast infections.

Just think about it: how many infants/children have a dairy intolerance? Have you ever heard someone say, “I just can’t get enough cheese and butter! My system just feels so out of whack if I don’t get my daily dairy!”?

The problem is this (and this is the problem with many other inflammation-causing foods): what were are buying is not a whole food. The milk, butter, cheese and yogurt you buy, even if it is organic, is a processed product. It is stripped of its original form and has so many additives that the body cannot process it. And I will stand by the notion that cow’s milk was intended for baby cows, not humans 🙂

Personally, I eat yogurt because I believe it has good bacterial properties, but that is the only dairy I eat, save for the occasional ice cream splurge. I think dairy should be treated as a treat, instead of a staple, as the dairy industry would have you believe.

So, here are some extra resources if you want to know more:

Healthnotes–Dairy Free Diet, from PCC Natural Markets A simple, concise explanation of what a dairy-free diet is like and why one might need it

NotMilk.com A wealth of articles, some backed by journaled research, about the dangers of dairy

The China Study A controversial book contesting that animal proteins, particularly casein (found in milk), is a cause of cancer

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