My Makeup Routine…Spoiler Alert: It’s Not All Natural Makeup!

Affiliate links appear in this post. I was not compensated in any way for this post; all opinions are my own and these are the products I really use every day! So, what’s a self-proclaimed, non-toxic living, natural-makeup-wearing (yet, not a hippie) chick ACTUALLY using each day? I’m pulling back the curtain and letting you […]

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Rebuild Carles: Can You Help This Family?

In early November 2013, the devastating storm, named Typhoon Haiyan, utterly destroyed much of the Philippines and, to date, has accounted for over 5500 deaths. When photos and statistics of the storm’s wrath appeared on television, my thoughts were, “Oh god. That is a huge amount of destruction. And with the number of Filipinos in […]

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