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Healthier Candy Options

I’m so happy that sweet treat options are ever-expanding. To be sure, no candy is really HEALTHY, but if you’re going to have a treat, have one without a bunch of junky ingredients. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on each picture to buy online!) You can also check out a post on my […]

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Happy Halloween! My Favorite Sweets & Some Vintage Pics

Happy Halloween! As a kid, I adored Halloween. There is an actress inside of me that lives for this October night that celebrates costuming and attention-mongering. Most of my trick-or-treating days were spent stomping the streets with my gaggle of cousins, collecting mounds of, well, Mounds and Reese’s Cups. (And Smarties. Ugh–who decides THAT’S a […]

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Trick or Treat For Good

Halloween is a mere two weeks away! My little guy isn’t old enough yet to be influenced by the sugary, processed side of Halloween, but our day will come. I love these ideas from the ladies at Celebrate Green, on spinning trick-or-treating into an activity that is less about the tricks (like the hidden additives […]

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