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A Letter from My Body~May 2012

    CONGRATULATIONS! Due to your outstanding efforts ignoring your own dietary precautions, we are happy to inform you that you now qualify for the following services provided by Sucrose, Lactose & Glucose (SLG): achy joints, extreme fatigue, inflammation of sinus cavities, increased fluid production, and headache. Because you have been such a valued client […]

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Ditch Your TV and Love Your Life

My son knows five kid-show characters: Elmo, Thomas, Fireman Sam, KoKo, and Diego. I always have to explain to people why he has no response to, “Look, Bear, it’s Jasper the NeverEnding Story Pirate-Vampire!” He’s just not exposed to it because we got rid of our cable and he watches very few shows. Look, people, […]

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Sugar Is Toxic: Avoiding Sugar & Changing Your Diet (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 in Healthful Mama’s Sugar is Toxic Series! Just finding the series? First read Part 1 and Part 2. Resetting Your Body Because sugar causes addiction-like cravings, and because your body craves more and more of it to get a “fix,” the best way to eliminate sugar is to ELIMINATE SUGAR. Most […]

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Change One (More) Thing Challenge

  CHANGE ONE (More) THING CHALLENGE Long ago, I created a list of the eco-sins we were committing that I wanted to change. This helped reign in my crazy tendency to get everything done at once. I revisited the list a year later and realized we had accomplished many of the goals on the list. […]

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Committing to Change

I was on my hands-and-knees this morning, wiping sticky quinoa off the floor, daydreaming about the arrival of my Roomba (WTF? Since when did *I* start daydreaming about appliances?), contemplating whether I should have saved my money and committed to the fact that I need to sweep the floor more often than I care to […]

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