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Garlic Oil for Earaches

A few nights ago, our son, who was already battling a cold, walked into the room holding both of his ears and crying in pain. His situation quickly got worse from there. He became inconsolable, spiked a fever, and was unable to relax. It was after six o’clock, we’re in a new city, and we […]

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Where I worked as a teacher, each classroom was provided with a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser, the thought being that this would keep germs at bay, and in turn, keep kids from getting sick and from missing school. But for the good that hand sanitizers offer (a quick, convenient way to clean hands and kill […]

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Homemade Cold Remedy

A family member recently emailed me a recipe for a tonic she used with success last cold and flu season: Hair Raising Cider from Rosemary Gladstar’s book, Vibrant Health. I read the recipe, and, not being one to shy away from a good home remedy (read my posts about Allergy Relief or Sore Throat remedies), […]

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Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Have a sore throat? Assuming that it’s not predicated by post-nasal drip, give a go at these natural remedies: Sore throat home remedies: 1. Good ol’ honey and lemon. Stir some honey and squirt some lemon juice (fresh is preferred) into tea or just hot water. My favorite is to take a large chunk of […]

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