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“Instant Breakfast” Alternatives

I am not a breakfast eater. There. I said it. Perhaps it’s more that I’m “not a morning person.” I generally spend my mornings sipping tea, water, and the occasional smoothie. I’m not ready to eat until around 10 am. As a teen, I had the same issue: waking at early hours for school was […]

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Black Bean Hummus

This recipe ROCKS. Please excuse the shitty photo. It’s the best I could get of the grey dip on our recent roadtrip. This hummus works well when using edamame in place of the black beans (and looks prettier, too!).  I’ll update soon! Print Black Bean Hummus Author: HealthfulMama.com Recipe type: Appetizer, Snack Prep time:  1 min Cook […]

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Homemade Baked Chicken Empanadas

This poor planner ended up with a whole, cooked, yet uneaten chicken last week. I decided to try something new. These chicken empanadas (meat-filled pastry) are “like homemade Hot Pockets–easy to eat and grab on the go,” as one of my taste-testers noted. I’m calling them empanadas because that is what I based my dough […]

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Nut Butter Snack Balls: Kid Friendly!

  This post is dedicated to my mom, who, for years, provided childcare for my brothers and me, most of my gazillion cousins, a number of kiddos through her in-home daycare, and most-recently, for my son! Needless to say, the woman knows her stuff when it comes to little kids. One of my favorite snacks […]

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