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Got to Have Kaia Now!

I’m so excited to announce the newest edition of Kaia Magazine. A whopping 5,000 people enjoyed the gift guide issue in December, and we were just getting started. The February issue comes out today, and it’s chock full of green tips, in-depth articles, and entertaining anecdotes. Kaia is a different kind of sustainable-living mag: it […]

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I’m Judging Your Greenness

The hardest thing for me to understand in the realm of “eco-friendliness” is that not all eco-friendly persons are interested in the type of eating and living I discuss on this blog. I generally think of cloth-diapering folk as eco-warriors. And I think of eco-warriors as veg, gluten-free types committed to organic farming. But this […]

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Change One (More) Thing Challenge

  CHANGE ONE (More) THING CHALLENGE Long ago, I created a list of the eco-sins we were committing that I wanted to change. This helped reign in my crazy tendency to get everything done at once. I revisited the list a year later and realized we had accomplished many of the goals on the list. […]

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