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Holiday Giveaway Sponsored by Green Sisterhood #etsy #handmade #greensisters

2013 has been incredible for Green Sisterhood and the network would like to thank you for your support with a huge appreciation gift! Green Sisterhood is sponsoring a mega handmade giveaway for the holiday! Buying handmade is the most eco-friendly way to shop and I’m thrilled to introduce these eco-friendly goodies from the handmade community […]

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The Worst Green Gifts for Eco-Newbs

I’m guilty: I’m an Elitist Gifter. At least, I have been in the past. I just think whatever thing I’ve been using, or food I’ve been eating, or book I’ve been reading has been so gosh-danged fabulous I just *HAVE* to pass it along. My very own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things, if you will, […]

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When a Bumbo Takes Precedence: Rethinking Childhood Hazards

Last week, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of admonishments about the Bumbo chair and its vicious, evil, and life-threatening properties. “Bumbos were recalled!” I was not the only parent/blogger who thought this reaction was a completely ridiculous worry, and I tweeted this in reply to the hub-bub: Bumbos: recalled after 2 dz skull […]

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Change One (More) Thing Challenge

  CHANGE ONE (More) THING CHALLENGE Long ago, I created a list of the eco-sins we were committing that I wanted to change. This helped reign in my crazy tendency to get everything done at once. I revisited the list a year later and realized we had accomplished many of the goals on the list. […]

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