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Healthier Candy Options

I’m so happy that sweet treat options are ever-expanding. To be sure, no candy is really HEALTHY, but if you’re going to have a treat, have one without a bunch of junky ingredients. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on each picture to buy online!) You can also check out a post on my […]

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What Does “In Moderation” Mean to You?

We hear these phrases often: “Everything in moderation,” “It’s fine in moderation,” “It’s safe–in moderation.”. “Moderation” is such a relative term, though, no?   What does “in moderation” mean to you?   I’ve always known my version of “in moderation” is quite different from most, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized it’s FAR […]

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Raw Food Detox

Raw Food Detox is an easy, effective guide to changing your eating style and getting you to a place of better health. The book is full of tempting recipes and simple tips for transitioning to a healthier diet. Gorgeous photos up the impressive factor in this new book from Ulrika Davidsson.   My first reaction […]

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Step One, continued

In Step One, I talked about changing some buying habits. When The Hubs (then boyfriend) and I went vegan, we quit animal products cold, ahem, turkey. We threw out butter, cheese, milk, etc., substituted faux meats and cheeses for the real stuff, and ended up really hungry and at a loss for what to do […]

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