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Holiday Giveaway Sponsored by Green Sisterhood #etsy #handmade #greensisters

2013 has been incredible for Green Sisterhood and the network would like to thank you for your support with a huge appreciation gift! Green Sisterhood is sponsoring a mega handmade giveaway for the holiday! Buying handmade is the most eco-friendly way to shop and I’m thrilled to introduce these eco-friendly goodies from the handmade community […]

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The Holiday Myth: Coping With Holiday Stress

Affiliate links appear in this post. Oh, the holidays. For some, family gatherings, holiday parties, gift buying, and memories of holidays past create a sense of excitement and enjoyment. For others, this time of year presents a mixture of unsettling emotions, depression, and dread. “I just wish my husband wouldn’t accept EVERY invitation to his […]

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The Worst Green Gifts for Eco-Newbs

I’m guilty: I’m an Elitist Gifter. At least, I have been in the past. I just think whatever thing I’ve been using, or food I’ve been eating, or book I’ve been reading has been so gosh-danged fabulous I just *HAVE* to pass it along. My very own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things, if you will, […]

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Grandmom’s Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday, Grandmom! My grandmother knew a little somethin’ about pizzazz: she always added something extra to things, a special topper on a package, a pretty brooch to a jacket, a secret ingredient to a recipe. Her chocolate cake is coveted by everyone in the family for its dense texture and chocolate flavor that isn’t […]

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Dairy Free crescent rolls

Homemade Crescent Rolls–Dairy-free, too!

When I was placed in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, I vowed that no processed junk would touch anyone’s lips at my table. When my youngest brother requested–DEMANDED–crescent rolls (that I had only ever made from a can), I knew I had to take matters into my own unprocessed hands. Homemade Crescent Rolls Ingredients Makes approx. […]

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Thanksgiving Menu 2011

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, as it has become infinitely easier to host functions with a toddler than prepare food, pack it, along with all the toddler accouterments, into a car only to re-pack everything again, hours later, to come home (early) so said child can go to bed. I’ve cooked a large Thanksgiving meal […]

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