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Healthy Holiday Eating

Even the healthiest eaters can run into temptations, abundance, and sugar overload during the holiday season. It’s almost unavoidable; there’s always that neighborhood party you have to attend, or that tray of goodies in the staff lounge, or the giant box of chocolates gifted to you by your mother-in-law. I’ve never been one to say, […]

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Getting Out of the Holiday Haze: a Safe Detox

The winter holidays are officially over in my mind, but I thought an after-holiday post might be timely with the arrival of January 6th. When I was growing up, we didn’t take down our Christmas decorations until the celebration of The Three Kings, or The Epiphany, which occurs on that date. Since “epiphany” holds two […]

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12 Days of Christmas

On the 23rd of December, Healthful Mama showed to me: Twelve Rolls a’Bakin’ Eleven Dinners for Makin’ Ten Safe Products–Thrilling! Nine Kids Soup–Filling! Eight Cures for Cheese-Dipping Seven Teas for Sipping Six Simple Meals from Nothing Five….Milllllon Hits….! (Okay, not really, but a popular post.) Four Weeks Unprocessed Three Ingredient Snack Two Vaccine Posts and […]

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This Cookie Dough Needs More Cheez Balls

I will preface this post with an admission: there is a lot of non-healthful talk going on here. You have been warned. I’ve been a bit silent lately, taking in the holiday season, but also contemplating how to discuss a season of indulgence on a blog dedicated to just the opposite. Granted, the holiday season […]

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