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Healthy Holiday Eating

Even the healthiest eaters can run into temptations, abundance, and sugar overload during the holiday season. It’s almost unavoidable; there’s always that neighborhood party you have to attend, or that tray of goodies in the staff lounge, or the giant box of chocolates gifted to you by your mother-in-law. I’ve never been one to say, […]

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Hairfinity Helps Grow Your Hair

I kid you not, the day after I decided, “Hey, I should start growing out this pixie cut a bit for the winter…,” Hairfinity contacted me about their product. Vitamins that encourage hair growth? Why, yes, please do send me a sample! Hairfinity sent me a 3-month supply of supplements containing a natural vitamin complex […]

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Healthful Mama’s Pinteresting Boards

Hey There, Pinner! If you’ve found this page, it is because someone pinned my pin-board cover. I wanted a useful cover image to illustrate a few of my boards, so I created specific graphics for them. If you’re interested in all of my natural health, whole-food recipe, and green living boards, check out my Pinterest […]

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Make Your Own Toothpaste

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re interested in avoiding the dangers of fluoride or curious about how making your own toothpaste could save you money–that’s why I was inclined to take on this little project, at least. Many recipes exist for homemade toothpaste. However, none of the articles nor posts I’d read about making […]

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From Bad Teeth to Good Teeth: Learn More About Natural Oral Health

Natural tooth care is an aspect of my health that I have only begun to explore. Years ago, we stopped using toothpaste with fluoride, after learning of the potential dangers. I can happily note that our instances of cavities has not increased. But beyond changing the type of products we buy (and, of course, maintaining […]

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Where I worked as a teacher, each classroom was provided with a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser, the thought being that this would keep germs at bay, and in turn, keep kids from getting sick and from missing school. But for the good that hand sanitizers offer (a quick, convenient way to clean hands and kill […]

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When a Bumbo Takes Precedence: Rethinking Childhood Hazards

Last week, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of admonishments about the Bumbo chair and its vicious, evil, and life-threatening properties. “Bumbos were recalled!” I was not the only parent/blogger who thought this reaction was a completely ridiculous worry, and I tweeted this in reply to the hub-bub: Bumbos: recalled after 2 dz skull […]

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Pediatric Anesthesia: Are you being pushed to dope your child?

Months ago, our son, during a blissful moment of childhood enthusiasm, was dancing around in circles. He had just figured out he could make his little body move around-and-around-and-around–and then he fell. He smacked his face solidly on our new laminate flooring and chipped his front tooth. After a visit to the pediatric dentist, where […]

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