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Breast Pumps Are the New Shoe-Bombs

As much as I have wanted by breast pump to self destruct, I don’t think it actually has explosive capabilities. Please continue to educate those around you about breastfeeding and women’s issues so that people aren’t placed in ridiculous circumstances like these! Today’s post was inspired by this news story. Are you as appalled as […]

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The Latest in Health & Nutrition 2/20-2/24/12

In case you were on the fence ’round here: homeopathy is proven to be effective! Read More: The Huffington Post Genetically-modified crops will be approved faster…great. Read More: Sustainable Food News Mother Earth News is looking for “Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of.” Nominate Your Town: Mother Earth News A well-balanced questioning of vaccines […]

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Latest in Health & Nutrition

Here are your top health and nutrition stories for this week: In a study that reiterates the findings I mentioned in my post, Epigenetics: The Funky Word You Need to Understand, a researcher in Spain finds that the common chemical BPA (found in most plastics) can cause a confusion of hormone signals and lead to […]

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