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Homemade Solutions for Dry Winter Skin

Nutrition Skin health begins from the inside. It’s a simple equation: real, wholesome food + hydration= skin that exudes health! While consuming a diverse diet rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins will lead to better health, and consequently, better skin, there are a few selections that can really boost your glow: Green Tea Full […]

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DAMY Health Program

DAMY Method Programs: Real Food Meal Plans & Fitness Routines–Done!

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one evening, I came across a photo of a marvelously decadent-looking dessert. Following the link, I was taken to the DAMY Health website, chock-full of delicious recipes for sweets, treats, and meals, too! I was intrigued, so I read on. I realized that the DAMY Health Program was right […]

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What Does “In Moderation” Mean to You?

We hear these phrases often: “Everything in moderation,” “It’s fine in moderation,” “It’s safe–in moderation.”. “Moderation” is such a relative term, though, no?   What does “in moderation” mean to you?   I’ve always known my version of “in moderation” is quite different from most, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized it’s FAR […]

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Latest in Health & Nutrition

Here are your top health and nutrition stories for this week: In a study that reiterates the findings I mentioned in my post, Epigenetics: The Funky Word You Need to Understand, a researcher in Spain finds that the common chemical BPA (found in most plastics) can cause a confusion of hormone signals and lead to […]

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