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Grocery Vs. Small-Farm: A Graphic Representation of How Our Food Has Changed #F27

Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together the Occupy, sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental movements for a global day of action. Inspired by the theme of CREATE/RESIST, thousands will come together to creatively confront corporate control of our food supply and take action to build healthy, accessible food systems for […]

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The Latest in Health & Nutrition 2/20-2/24/12

In case you were on the fence ’round here: homeopathy is proven to be effective! Read More: The Huffington Post Genetically-modified crops will be approved faster…great. Read More: Sustainable Food News Mother Earth News is looking for “Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of.” Nominate Your Town: Mother Earth News A well-balanced questioning of vaccines […]

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Latest in Health & Nutrition

Here are your top health and nutrition stories for this week: In a study that reiterates the findings I mentioned in my post, Epigenetics: The Funky Word You Need to Understand, a researcher in Spain finds that the common chemical BPA (found in most plastics) can cause a confusion of hormone signals and lead to […]

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BabyKicks: a #FluffyXmas Spotlight

I am so pleased to announce the final sponsor in the Merry Fluffy Christmas spotlight lineup: BabyKicks! BabyKicks is a family owned and operated business that produces 90% of their products in the USA–on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. What sets BabyKicks apart from many modern cloth diaper companies is their commitment to quality, natural […]

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Happy Halloween! My Favorite Sweets & Some Vintage Pics

Happy Halloween! As a kid, I adored Halloween. There is an actress inside of me that lives for this October night that celebrates costuming and attention-mongering. Most of my trick-or-treating days were spent stomping the streets with my gaggle of cousins, collecting mounds of, well, Mounds and Reese’s Cups. (And Smarties. Ugh–who decides THAT’S a […]

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What’s Being Done to Our Food? If you’ve watched Food INC., you’ll know that it is mentioned that lettuce and tomatoes last, virtually forever, on grocery store shelves. Seeds of these plants have been genetically modified to produce a product that pleases the consumer: one that won’t go rotten. I recently complained about my organic […]

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Quick Tip: Looking for Affordable Organic?

Quick Tip If you’re looking for affordable organic (or, at least, non-GMO) items at your local chain grocery store, try looking in different locations. I was buying an expensive, big-name brand of oats found in the “natural foods” aisle of my grocery store. As it turned out, the organic “off brand” was a couple of […]

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Committing to Change

I was on my hands-and-knees this morning, wiping sticky quinoa off the floor, daydreaming about the arrival of my Roomba (WTF? Since when did *I* start daydreaming about appliances?), contemplating whether I should have saved my money and committed to the fact that I need to sweep the floor more often than I care to […]

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