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Quick Tip: Making Healthy Meals Manageable

Thanks for visiting Healthful Mama today! If you Subscribe to Healthful Mama by Email, you’ll get today’s quick tip, plus more, straight to your inbox. Enjoy! Quick Tip:   When you are chopping vegetables for a recipe, always chop more than the recipe requires. This way, you have something left over for a future meal. […]

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Using Spices in New Ways

Thanks for visiting Healthful Mama today! If you Subscribe to HealthfulMama by Email, I’ll send you my Good Choice Shopping List to help you stay on track with healthful eating. Enjoy! Quick Tip: try switching out your usual spices with spices you haven’t used before or don’t use often. A change will excite your palette […]

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Quick Tip: For Better Digestion

Quick Tip: To aid in digestion, eat your food in the following order: -raw fruits/vegetables (like salad) -vegetable proteins and grains (like quinoa) -animal proteins (like cheese, meat) Raw fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that start the digestive process, so start with those. Eat grains and veggie proteins next since they are easily digested. Animal […]

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Quick Tip: Looking for Affordable Organic?

Quick Tip If you’re looking for affordable organic (or, at least, non-GMO) items at your local chain grocery store, try looking in different locations. I was buying an expensive, big-name brand of oats found in the “natural foods” aisle of my grocery store. As it turned out, the organic “off brand” was a couple of […]

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