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Healthier Candy Options

I’m so happy that sweet treat options are ever-expanding. To be sure, no candy is really HEALTHY, but if you’re going to have a treat, have one without a bunch of junky ingredients. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on each picture to buy online!) You can also check out a post on my […]

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A Letter from My Body~May 2012

    CONGRATULATIONS! Due to your outstanding efforts ignoring your own dietary precautions, we are happy to inform you that you now qualify for the following services provided by Sucrose, Lactose & Glucose (SLG): achy joints, extreme fatigue, inflammation of sinus cavities, increased fluid production, and headache. Because you have been such a valued client […]

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Sugar Is Toxic: Avoiding Sugar & Changing Your Diet (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 in Healthful Mama’s Sugar is Toxic Series! Just finding the series? First read Part 1 and Part 2. Resetting Your Body Because sugar causes addiction-like cravings, and because your body craves more and more of it to get a “fix,” the best way to eliminate sugar is to ELIMINATE SUGAR. Most […]

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Sugar is Toxic: Natural Sugar Alternatives (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 in Healthful Mama’s series on the toxic effects of sugar.   To read Part 1, which outlines the current research being done on sugar’s effects in the body and how to spot sugar on a label CLICK HERE. Let’s Talk About Sugar Alternatives One step in eliminating the urge for sugar […]

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