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Safer Summer Essentials: Your Guide to a Non-Toxic Season

This post contains affiliate links. The few cents I may make from your purchase help to fund this blog–thank you! Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… but you may still have to contend with bugs, sun, and dehydration. Before you buy your summer-season must-haves, consider these safer options to your typical purchases. Bug Spray I’ll […]

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Stop the Spray! Spray sunscreens are awful for your health.

Crashing waves. Sand warming your toes. Bright rays of the joyful sun. Vibrant laughter floating on the seabreeze, as well as….PSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssssst! Oxybenzone entering your lungs… Without fail, each summer, beaches up and down the coasts (and playgrounds, sporting events, picnic areas, and campsites across the country) are infiltrated with families who insist upon using spray […]

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Dear America: You are not this dumb. Tell Lysol you ain’t buyin’ it.

Health (‘helth)(n.) the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit Example: “She was in good health.” Healthing (‘helth-ing)(v.) a gerund-nonsense form of the noun “health,” created by the Lysol marketing team. Example: “It’s not cleaning, it’s healthing.” Lysol wants to convince you, once again, like every other chemical or single-use-product manufacturer, that your […]

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Unacceptable Levels: Support an Incredible Film & Enter to Win $2800 in Non-Toxic Products

I first shared information about filmmaker Ed Brown’s project, Unacceptable Levels, in April, when Ed first started spreading the news about his film. I was so excited that this film can spread the truth about the unregulated chemicals being used in our daily lives. A few facts which Unacceptable Levels reveals: Before you walked out […]

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Toxic Baby: a TED Talk & Film You MUST See

I wanted to scream, “YES!…YES!” and dive into the middle of the street and set up a drive-in theater and force the public to view this TED Talk from Penelope Jagessar Chaffer and Tyrone Hayes when I first saw it. But that seemed, well, akin to a frenzied dictator. So, I share it with you, […]

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New Documentary Brings Light to Unregulated Chems

I’m very excited about this soon-to-be released documentary entitled Unacceptable Levels which discusses the fact that thousands of chemicals abound in products we use, yet none of them are regulated. This isn’t new to me, however, I fully support any film or organization willing to bring light to the dangerous state of health in our […]

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