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Black Bean Hummus

This recipe ROCKS. Please excuse the shitty photo. It’s the best I could get of the grey dip on our recent roadtrip. This hummus works well when using edamame in place of the black beans (and looks prettier, too!).  I’ll update soon! Print Black Bean Hummus Author: HealthfulMama.com Recipe type: Appetizer, Snack Prep time:  1 min Cook […]

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WTF Friday: Gillian vs. Nigella?

This week’s WTF Friday Moment brought to you by: Internet Rhetoric. The following photo comparison of Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson has been circulating the internet and, more recently, Facebook, as a supposed reason why a diet comprised of “meat, butter, and desserts,” is better for one’s health. People have been re-posting this little over […]

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Nut Butter Snack Balls: Kid Friendly!

  This post is dedicated to my mom, who, for years, provided childcare for my brothers and me, most of my gazillion cousins, a number of kiddos through her in-home daycare, and most-recently, for my son! Needless to say, the woman knows her stuff when it comes to little kids. One of my favorite snacks […]

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Food and Healing and Food Matters

Some recent studies have been brought to light in the media and they make me think, “Duh!” Studies such as “diet may improve sleep,” “diet may be linked to ADHD,” “food additives linked to autism,” the list literally goes on and on. Why is this new news? Have we gotten so far from understanding the […]

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