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Hi There!
I’m Gretchen and I’m a born cynic. Like a curious preschooler or an obnoxious teen, I question EVERYTHING.

Here’s the short story: I am committed to natural health and a toxin-free environment. I believe that our bodies can function (relatively) perfectly when provided a clean environment. Therefore, I focus on clean eating and limited medical intervention. I believe creating a healthy environment in our bodies and our homes is essential to feeling and looking great and leading a balanced life. This blog began after always hearing people say, “I’d love to eat like you do…how can I do that?” I hope to help anyone wishing to transition from a Standard American Diet and lifestyle to a more healthful one.

But it’s not always simple. Our world is full of distractions, advertisements, and products that inhibit our ability to easily make good choices for ourselves. I like to provide insight on relevant food and health topics and I enjoy introducing readers to outstanding products and companies committed to making a healthy life achievable.

My main areas of focus:
-Environmental toxins and epigenetics: finding the truth and creating a healthy home
Diet-based health solutions
Recipes using whole food ingredients

I also like to venture into the subjects of:
(These two, I feel, are worthy of their own, separate blogs, but often intersect with my views on health, so they pop up from time-to-time.)
Organic/local food movement
-Eco-conscious living

I’m a mom, and I blog from that perspective at times, but I wouldn’t say this place is only for parents. I seek to inform, inspire, and hey, maybe entertain.

When I’m not writing for this blog, you might find me reading modern fiction & biographies, soaking up the Arts, camping, kayaking, hiking, dancing, or sitting on a beach.

I hope you find something of value here! Thanks for joining me!

Have a question? Need extra info? Interested in working with me? Contact: gretchen at healthfulmama dot com

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Disclaimer: The health, nutrition, and fitness content on this site is based on my life experience, individual, qualitative research and personal opinion. I am not a medical doctor nor registered dietician. Please consult a health professional if you are seeking medical advice.

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