Hey there–welcome to a part of my world. (2015)

This site began in 2010, after I quit my teaching job, stayed home with my new son, and became the quintessential yet stereotypical “Mommy Blogger.” I had a lot of opinions. I had a lot of experience with social media. And I had a lot of hormones. Inevitably, I wrote a lot of opinion-based, or loosely-researched posts. Some of them went viral, and maybe that’s how you found this site! Since 2010, I’ve moved on from a lot of things: the origins of this domain name, veganism, and being a stay-at-home mom. I’ve also moved across the country from where this blog began, moved on from a marriage, and frankly, I don’t even recognize the woman behind this site any longer!

But she existed at one point and so she shall remain (because, hey, nothing ever disappears on the internet, anyway, right?).

And it’s not all for naught. I still believe in a lot of what fueled this site at the beginning:

I am committed to natural health and a relatively toxin-free environment. I focus on clean eating and some natural health remedies. I believe creating a healthy environment in our bodies and our homes is essential to feeling and looking great and leading a balanced life.

But it’s not always simple. Our world is full of distractions, advertisements, and products that inhibit our ability to easily make good choices for ourselves. I like to provide insight on relevant food and health topics and I enjoy introducing readers to outstanding products and companies committed to making a healthy life achievable.

My main areas of focus:
Diet-based health solutions
Recipes using whole food ingredients

I seek to inform, inspire, and hey, maybe entertain.

When I’m not writing for this blog, you might find me reading modern fiction & biographies, soaking up the Arts, camping, kayaking, hiking, dancing, or sitting on a beach.

I hope you find something of value here! Thanks for joining me!

Have a question? Need extra info? Interested in working with me? Contact: gretchen at healthfulmama dot com

Disclaimer: The health, nutrition, and fitness content on this site is based on my life experience, individual, qualitative research and personal opinion. I am not a medical doctor nor registered dietician. Please consult a health professional if you are seeking medical advice.

Any giveaways presented on this blog adhere to the these guidelines.


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